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Health For All (HFA) is a free healthcare, wellness initiative formed with the objective of

providing free basic medical care to the people of rural communities in Nigeria. HFA was

created to change the reality of death due to untreated chronic diseases. Through health

screenings, hypertension and diabetes, among many other diseases can be identified,

and treated.

Healthcare in Nigeria is based on a curative model. There seldom is preventive

care except through childhood immunization. When one gets sick, he goes to the

local  drug store and asks the person behind the counter for medicine to cure the

problem. Even with this suboptimal approach, people do not seek care until they are so sick and their ability to leave the house in the morning is threatened. The result being that people suffer undue burden of disease complication and

preventable deaths. In the past few years, the death rates appeared to increase, and the story seems the same all over – “Mr. X took ill ‘suddenly’, went to the hospital, and died, and other peculiar circumstances.” Health For All (HFA) was created as an attempt to change this situation – one small community at a time.

In its debut, HFA reached over 200 people for screening and provided additional one-on-one clinical exams and counseling for 80 of them, all despite limited resources.

The services provided by HFA are aimed at health promotion and disease prevention through early detection by health screenings, medication management of chronic diseases, and health education and coaching to promote healthful behaviors. Part of the health education was provision of seeds to improve gardening success and promote increased vegetables in the diet.

HFA offers monthly follow up blood pressure and blood sugar screenings, in addition to a more comprehensive health screenings and clinical exam two or more times a year. The monthly follow up aims to maintain close monitoring and prevent breaks in the medication regimen, an important component in chronic disease management.