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The death rate in rural Nigeria is high, much higher than it should be.

The organized public healthcare system is often utilized very late in a disease process, and when people are near death.

In 2012, the life expectancy of the population of Nigeria was 53 years.

The estimated per capita GDP in these rural communities is less than $1,000, much less than the low GDP of $6,082 in Nigeria as a whole.

There is limited access to trained health workers, as well as little knowledge of common chronic diseases and the strategies to manage them.

More than 50% of adults over 30 years old screened at our first event had a diagnosis of hypertension, and 13 people had a diagnosis of diabetes with diagnosis criteria of hemoglobin A1c greater than 7 (normal being below 5.7). These numbers are alarming since many are highly unlikely to treat these conditions either with medication or dietary changes, and highly likely to develop complications of hypertension and diabetes.